Факультет агрономии и лесного хозяйство


The mission of the Faculty

The mission of the faculty - training of highly qualified, intellectually developed, adapted to requirements of the time, in-demand specialists and scientific personnel in the field of agronomy and forestry for sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex in the Republic; - making a worthy contribution to the formation of the university as a universally recognized center for the training of specialists in the national and international level. The Faculty trains specialists in the following areas: Bachelor's degree in Agronomy Profiles; Agronomy, Phytosanitary control in the customs service, Greenhouse farming. BACHELOR's degree in Agrochemistry and Agro-Soil Science BACHELOR's degree in Forestry and Landscape Construction Profiles: Forestry and landscape construction, Nursery (forest and fruit), Nature conservation. BACHELOR's Degree in Horticulture MASTER's DEGREE in Agronomy MASTER's DEGREE in Plant Protection and Quarantine, MASTER's DEGREE in Forestry and Landscape Construction POSTGRADUATE degree in specialties; 06.01.04–Agrochemistry, 06.01.09 – Crop production, 03.02.13 - Soil science, 06.02.07 - Plant protection and quarantine, 06.01.05 - Breeding and seed production

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry is established in 1938, since 1996 it has began to graduate forestry engineers, therefore it is called the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry. The faculty trains agronomists of a wide profile, specialists for quarantine and phytosanitary services, horticulture, greenhouses and forestry engineers. Over the past period, the faculty has graduated over 6.2 thousand scientists, agronomists and more than 350 forestry engineers. The faculty consists of three departments: "Crop production and plant protection", "Soil science, agrochemistry and agriculture", "Forestry and fruit growing". The faculty employs 26 employees, including 6 Doctors of Sciences, 1 Ph.D. and 9 candidates of Sciences, the degree is more than 63%. To train highly qualified practice-oriented specialists and scientific personnel in the field of agronomy and forestry, the faculty has created a modern educational, laboratory and educational and production base. Only in recent years, within the framework of cooperation with the Japanese Bureau of International Cooperation JICA, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (Institutes of Soil Science, Quarantine and Plant Protection of the Xinjiang Agricultural University), on a grant basis, the Kyrgyz-Japanese Soil-Agrochemical Laboratory equipped with modern, time-appropriate equipment and scientific instruments has been received and put into operation in 2021), Kyrgyz-Chinese Research Laboratory for the Study of soil, Water and Plant quality, with a CD laboratory - modeling and Research Laboratory for Phytosanitary Control and Plant Quarantine. The faculty also has educational laboratories in plant physiology and biochemistry, soil science, agrochemistry and plant growing. The departments of the faculty have specialized classrooms for plant protection and quarantine, breeding and seed production of agricultural plants, plant growing, vegetable growing, forestry, forest and fruit crops and classrooms fully equipped with video and computer equipment